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NetSuite Interview Questions
  1. What  are the NetSuite different SuiteScript Types.
  2. What is the Function that triggered once Line Item Added?
  3. What is API abbreviation?
  4. What is Context in NetSuite?
  5. What is Usage Governance in NetSuite, How to Get API Usage in SuiteScript.
  6. What is SuiteFlow/SuiteBuilder?
  7. How to add Internal Id Column for any Standard record saved search if it’s not added by Default  without adding on Saved Search Result Column?
  8. What is the difference between PageLoad and PagInit?
  9. Can we send a saved search update on Email, if Yes how many times in a day?
  10. What is the use of Script Parameter, how to create a Script Parameter?
  11. What is HTML Suitelet?
  12. What is RESTLet, RESTlet vs. Suitelet?
  13. What are different SuiteScript Navigation API’s?
  14. How to show an User alert from User Event Script?
  15. Steps to apply a SuiteFlow Script to a Workflow.
  16. How to Create and apply a WorkFlow Action Script?
  17. What is the Formula Field, how to use it on Saved Search and at custom Field Level?
  18. What is the Use of Recordlevel : “Dynamic” in SuiteScript?
  19. What is the SuiteTalk/WebServices?
  20. What User Permission type required to access WebSerivces? Max Number of User can have the webservices permission?
  21. How to setup a user event script for debugging?

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