Resume Highlighting

Key Highlights

  • Your resume will be highlighted
  • Get noticed by the recruiters
  • Your resume will remain on top while recruiter searches for a profile.
  • Stay ahead of others.

By using this service your resume will highlighted and it will be displayed at the top while recruiter searching for any resumes. Your profile will be one among the top list so the chances for short listing your profile by the recruiter will be higher.


  • Your skill sets will be highlighted and your resume will remain in the top.
  • This service will project your resume to the recruiters among the various similar profiles.
  • Since your profile remains in top number of recruiters viewing your profile will be higher.
  • Your resume will be projected such that it exactly matches your skill set.

Generally recruiters will spend less time for short listing a particular resume. Unless and until your skill sets and employability skills are highlighted and visible to the recruiters your profile will not be shortlisted. So avail this service and increase the chances of getting interview call.

Resume Writing
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  • Shape your resume
  • Build Professional resume
  • Highlighting your skill set
  • Standout in the crowd
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Resume Forwarding
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Key Highlights

  • More than 3000 recruiters
  • Forwarded directly to recruiters
  • Increase your chances
  • Frequent updates
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